What is Techwear

What is Techwear Fashion and Some Asian Brands to Know

What is Techwear

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In terms of fashion, you can try different categories and sub-genres. In recent years, the Techwear is rapidly becoming popular. We will explain the basics of making a major leap in this trend. Fortunately, it is easy to use, regardless of the budget, due to the minimalism of Techwear. You may find some items that you can add to your clothes.

What is Techwear?

By 2021, the term Techwear is no longer new. You may hear it more and more every day. From reading fashion newsletters to beautiful Instagram posts, it is one of the futuristic styles in the tactical world & functional fashion. The main attraction of it is that it can make your life easier, whether traveling on the weekend or staying dry in the downpour. Technical fabrics allow you to adjust, stretch, absorb, and brush off clothes easily.

Like Schoeller's® c_change™ membrane can withstand monsoon rain without any problems. These high-tech fabrics use sci-fi veneer, which is versatile and sporty. Techwear is sleek, powerful, and always designed for the future. Overall, this clothing looks different, this is where it gained aesthetic and devoted followers.

Why is it a trend?

This type of clothing is popular and widely used by snowboarders, security forces, Hikers, and more... Most of these professionals ignore the styles, they use to protect themselves and improve their work efficiency.

Many other people, especially those in the field of "Geeks" and role-playing games, enjoy this style if only for the aesthetics. Being able to imitate these characters in Techwear is a fascinating prospect for many, as they appear to be worn by heroes from cyberpunk movies and heroes from Anime.

Features of Techwear

Whether you are looking for a more comfortable work shirt or pants that can survive the apocalypse, this is all you need to know about practically organized Techwear. The features are mentioned below:

Water Resistance and Other Enhanced Properties

Techwear Water Resistance

It is water-resistant, so no matter how long it is exposed to heavy rain, it will not get hurt or get wet. The materials used for it do not absorb water and therefore remain dry. Water tends to flow out. The fabrics used to make industrial clothing are very lightweight because the sole purpose of clothing is to protect you and provide you with safety. In addition to waterproofing, dozens of synthetic fibers offer various properties such as abrasion resistance, elasticity, odour resistance, and reflectivity.

Range of Motion and Comfort

Techwear Motion and Comfort

Most pants and garments are cut in standard patterns, but this clothing defies convention by designing patterns that consider human movement. The anatomical design takes these factors into account and is usually achieved using the knee or medial elbow joints. These allow the wearer to move freely in key points.

Of course, in addition, another aspect of comfort is breathability. For Techwear, this means letting heat and sweat escape, so the wearer does not feel the wet clothing. The jacket is not enough to keep the outer surface dry, and it should keep the wearer at a comfortable temperature while wearing it.

Carrying Capacity

Techwear Carrying Capacity

Nowadays, we often carry multiple devices and their respective chargers, so technical clothing is very popular in the storage space they provide. Whether it is a simple design like a zipper pocket or a more elegant solution like a detachable modular attachment on a MOLLE system. The combination of waterproof fabric and appropriately designed load-bearing capacity allows you to carry more tools and reduce trouble.

Treating Tech-wear

The following points are general guidelines that apply not only to Techwear but to other garments as well.

  • Always close all zips, flyers, pockets, and fasteners.
  • If you need to use a very strong flavour, it is best to use a high-performance cleaner that will not damage the coating or affect its water resistance or durability.
  • Strictly avoiding high temperatures, warm water is suitable for it.
  • Do not iron this clothing. It can create irreparable damage to the fabric or upholstery.

Techwear Brands

Techwear clothing bubbled up in the culture for a while. Wearing clothes longer than necessary will make you feel safe and satisfied. Call it a doomsday preparation for clothing lovers. We will tell you the best Three brands that are available on our online store:


The Reindee Lusion brand was established in 2013 to create urban-style clothing. In pursuit of functionality, ease of use, and quality, the brand maintains a dark Gothic ninja look, which is a must-see for anyone interested in technical clothing.

If you are looking for affordable and reasonably priced luxury clothing, the Reindee Lusion brand is famous. Comparing prices and quality, Reindee Lusion offers sophisticated clothing that focuses on function and style. Let us take look at all the information you need to know about the brand.

Reindee Lusion pants and outerwear

Pants and jackets were the highlights of Techwear and Gothic ninja costumes. No wonder the Reindee Lusion pants have a high-quality style. This synthetic material is composed primarily of 100% polyester and is a durable fabric known for its resistance to elasticity, wrinkles, and abrasion. Plus, it is lightweight and quick-drying, making it popular with all outdoor garments. For elegant use, the jacket is a high-quality windbreaker.


Nosucism Techwear and sportswear are made of climbing fabric with 4-sided stretch fabric. With waterproof performance. According to ergonomic structure design. It is more comfortable to walk around. If you are looking for an affordable and reasonable price, Nosucism is one. The loose design prevents the fabric from swelling even when you have a lot of personal belongings, and their designs allow you to tighten your legs quickly to match various shoe shapes easily.


Silenstorm has been designing high-quality Techwear clothing for over four years. Silenstorm is made of elastic silk spandex material and has excellent vertical texture and breathability. Breathable, water-resistant, abrasion-resistant, comfortable to wear. Anyone can experience a personalized and unique dressing according to the various functions.


Innovation is no longer limited to the technical field, so many innovations have been added to the fashion industry. Indeed, it is gradually infiltrating the fashion industry. Many designers have invented unique ways to create clothing combinations that perfectly blend fashion and technology.

Accessibility and style are two things that are rarely used together. IMAPHOTIC online store is of the instances where those two works. It has a variety of designs and distinctive styles of jackets and pants. We offer a wide range of products from minimalist types to flashy design jackets. In addition to pants, we also sell all kinds of clothing, from shirts to hats to bags. Another point that supports our online store is that we protect the supply of independent brands.

Bottom line

Before you go ahead and splurge on this new style, be sure to investigate it and know for sure that you can wear it and fuse it into your lifestyle. To explore Techwear clothing visit our store.

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