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Top 5 Best Netflix Sci-Fi Movies 2022

Netflix Sci-Fi Movies

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Welcome, movie lovers. I'm Hannah Aiko with Imaphotic, and today I'm bringing you the top five Netflix Sci-Fi Movies right now. And as usual, I've kept the movies on this list as recent as possible to help everyone find something new. Let's get started.

Level 16

Level 16 movie

Level 16 is a movie about students in an all-girls school trying to uncover their captivity secrets in their prison-like school. Level 16 is a dystopian thriller that harkens back to Sci-fi classics like a Handmaidens Tale in 1984. The story slowly peels away its layers revealing more and more of the school's secrets and keeping us strung along to the shocking end. It has a thick, oppressive atmosphere that may feel familiar to veterans of the genre. Still, it never gets predictable and manages to please audiences both intellectually and emotionally.


Oxygen Movie

Oxygen talks about a woman who wakes up trapped in a cryogenic pod, where she races against her quickly depleting supply of oxygen while trying to escape. This French thriller takes place entirely in a claustrophobic setting that will have viewers wanting to check their oxygen supplies. The primary actor is Melanie Loren, and thankfully she gives us a terrific performance. Check out this movie if you're filling up for a tense and breathtaking Sci-fi ride.

Space Sweepers

Space Sweepers movie

Space Sweepersthe crew of space junk collectors who find a humanoid robot and discover that she could be pretty valuable if sold to the right people. Space Sweepers is a Korean film full of action and laughs that uses stellar CGI with plenty of galactic eye candy. The characters are a blast, and they help keep the swift plot moving right along, which contains plenty of plot twists and explosive battles. It's all enjoyable and colorful; it makes a solid choice for Star Wars fans and other science fiction adventures.


Freaks Movie

Freaks she locked inside her home by her protective father, a young girl feels compelled to visit the world outside her windows. Honestly, it's hard to talk about freaks too much without spoiling the story, so I'll keep it a bit vague. One of the great things about this movie is that it allows us to see its world through the innocence and mystery of a child's eyes; we can sense her torment and feelings of being different. Freaks is a clever and unique take on the classic genre by mixing sci-fi, horror, and thriller elements.

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 movie

Blade Runner 2049A new blade runner goes on the search for former blade runner Rick Deckard, who has been missing for 30 years. What is there left to be said about this modern-day classic? It's undoubtedly one of the best Sci-fi movies of recent memory. It is visually stunning and a brilliant example of what it takes to make a great sequel that stands on its own and manages to enrich its predecessor. Indeed, you've seen it by now, but if you haven't, don't miss it while it's still on Netflix because blade runner 2049 is an all-around science fiction masterpiece.


It’s tough to recommend just one movie out of the list. Because each film is unique and provides its watchers with something that cannot be found in regular movies, you can try all of them and find out yourself which movies suit your taste and entertain you the most.

If you enjoyed this article, I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd hit the comments. Thank you so much, everyone. I will see you next time.

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