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Multifunctional Nylon Tactical Belt

Multifunctional Nylon Tactical Belt

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Confidence is the ultimate key in any battle. This Nylon Tactical Belt is multifunctional, to say the least. Crafted with strength in mind, this multifunctional men's nylon belt offers durability, functionality, and style. The adjustable buckles slide off smoothly whenever you want making it one of the best tactical gear to own.

Fabric & Material

  • Nylon webbing
  • Resin buckle and slips

Features & Details

  • Highly durable so you can use it a gazillion times without fear
  • Designed to balance weight, when things get tough
  • Adjustable magnetic buckle in the center with slide buckles to adjust the length of the belt
  • Comes with a carabiner hook and lock to make it functional dyeing hiking and mountaineering
  • The straps can be pulled to tighten the fit
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